8 point Strategic Consulting

Revealed: How we help homebuyers own their dream homes without having to worry about income instability, greedy agents or losing sleep over hidden charges.

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From The Desk of Farhan Safi

You deserve the best. A sanctuary for your family, where you enjoy the lifestyle you have been dreaming of. But finding that magical place can be a nightmare these days. Everyone is trying to make money by giving you half-cooked information to sell you high-priced property. You are bombarded with sales pitches, calls, and ads all the time. They tell you what's best for you without even knowing you. Revo Realty is not founded under these ideals. We want to make a difference and stand out above the competition. We are here to address your needs and desires — you are free to buy from anyone after our consultation. Our 8-point consultation is designed to understand and explore your needs and help you make the right decision so that you can save on your rent without paying a premium on your home. A place that your loved ones deserve and a payment structure that will help you sleep better at night.

When you buy from us, you help make this world a little bit brighter. A tiny bit better. A smidgen happier. With every sale we make, no matter the price, no matter the earnings or BIG payoff, we’re going to give back to society on your behalf. We want you to make your world and the world around us better

After 3+ years as a part of management of Square Yards, Farhan realised that life is not meant to be lived for money, career or Fame. As a youngest country head, VP and the most profitable PnL, he had seen it all.

With time he realised that you come in this world to make a difference and he started Revo Realty solely for this purpose.

Under his guidance, Revo Realty aims at educating home buyers with all the possible information that they need to make a well-informed and better decision.

With every qualified lead, we feed a hungry child in your name. With every sale, we build a home for the homeless by donating 1% of Property Value to the charity of your choice.

If you're

worried about the financial impact of home buying...

tired of dealing with greedy agents ...

Insecure about your residency...

sick of paying high rents...


Looking for a person you can absolutely trust

Someone who will not push you for his sale

with your genuine interest at heart.

Who will keep you well informed

and who knows the business